Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taking A Break

If you care more about the Promiser than the promise, you shouldn't care whether or not the promise comes to fruition. That's not your focus. Your focus in God. 

Comparison is a trap. Not only does it bring you done, but it causes you to judge others. God did not create us to compare ourselves with one another. He created us to shine for his glory. 

"Hoping in God is different than hoping in an outcome."

I have no blog theme for today. No main point. Just a few cool revelations and quotes that have been floating around in my head. 

I have decided to stay off of the internet for awhile. I have already deactivated my Facebook and cleaned out my top sites. It's summer, and I'm tired of the distractions that social media brings. I will be back, however. I love twitter and facebook and blogging and think they are great ways to connect with people and to share information. I love writing blogs and sharing my heart and expressing myself. I just know I need a couple weeks to clear my head and be tech-free. 

Unfortunately, I still have to check my email and craigslist, because I'm working on things for school in the fall and looking for a job. But I'm going to try to make that the extent of my web surfing. 

I'll be back soon :) 

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