Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Really Fast!!!

Okay guys, I know its been FOREVER since I have blogged. 
I have not stopped journaling. I have not run out of things to say. I just have been filling up my time with other things, like Spring Break things, and starting a new quarter things. Like making big decisions... life changing decisions... kinds of things. 

I'll begin by saying that Spring Break lived up to all my expectations. At first I was bummed about not going to some exotic location, but it was ultimately way better to be in Boise with my family and friends. 
I did tons of fun things, like go to a dessert party. And see The Hunger Games!!! (obsessed, like everyone else)... and go to GC Downtown! We got a new building, so now three hundred hungry-for-God college students don't have to cram in a tiny basement for church! The new building is going to make it so that so many more people can come! I love my church :) I miss it all the time. 

I went to Cafe de Paris with my sisters... we pretended we were in France together :)

And we got smoothies :) 

And some other cool things that happened.... my parents bought a house! And my sister is adopting a little baby boy!!! So I'm going to be an aunt!!! :)

So basically Spring Break was a success. It was a little annoying to come back to school, but Spring term is going to be amazing. You want to know why? Everything is better when its sunny. The springtime saves my life every year. And I'm already feeling a wave of optimism coming on!

I love Boise. I love how beautiful downtown is. The Co-Op. All the trendy coffee places. Even BSU. But I think I need to stay in Ontario another year. That's part of what I have been deciding lately. 

Tomorrow I head out of town with my track team for a huuuugggeeee meet. 80 teams total. I'm running the 5k and super excited; this is my thing. Some nagging injuries have been a problem for me lately, so I hope nothing comes up! 

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