Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Post... That Has Pretty Much Nothing to Actually Do With St. Patrick's Day...

Today was such a great day. 
Of course, I wore green :)

I woke up and ran with my roommate, and it was lovely, 
because I always love easy runs the morning after track meets.

I studied in a cute local coffee shop all day that makes me like Ontario much more.

I actually went on a walk... and I discovered a local co-op that has all organic face products and healthy foods (all crazy expensive of course) and wanted everything. 
I'm so impressed to find out that Ontario has such trendy places I didn't know about!

I had a very encouraging conversation with my mama. 

I got so much work and studying done!

I cleaned my whole dorm room. 

I had went out to frozen yogurt with tons of people that I don't usually hang out with,
 and they had all the girl scout cookie flavors! Can you say, heaven? :)

And I spent the rest of the evening encouraging a friend who I normally never hang out with... but God brought us together tonight. And we prayed together and sang worship songs with the guitar and read the Bible and felt his overwhelming love so much.... 

Days like today make me feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. 
I'm so content, and I feel so beyond blessed. 

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