Friday, April 20, 2012


Life is wonderful, you know. And I'm really learning to embrace the little things. 
To indulge throughout my day in life's simple pleasures. 
It's amazing how a little thing like iced coffee can bring so much happiness to a morning. 

I ate a whole lot of dark chocolate today. 
 I went on the loveliest bike-ride.

 I saw a butterfly. There were birds singing everywhere. And lady bugs.
 I painted my nails bright blue. 

I spread a blanket out in the grass and soaked up the spring sun. I cloud watched, too.
 I got the first sunburn of the year. 
And I'm sleeping with the window open to let the spring (but almost summer) air in. 

Even writing a five page paper was fun for me today. 
Because I listened to great music and sipped tea while I did it. 

Things aren't perfect, no. Battling an injury, trying to stay in shape, and having to watch everyone else compete while sitting on the sidelines mid season is somewhat discouraging. Facing tons of homework, being so busy I want to pull my hair out sometimes, 
and just making it through the ups and downs of our days.... things can be hard, its true. 

But you know what? I am just so glad that God made the sky blue. It is the absolute best color.
 And even though life isn't perfect, it is such a gift. And I'm just in a state of pure bliss. 

Thanks, pinterest, for all of the lovely photos :)

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