Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I don't know if I'm just overdosing on Vitamin D or what (all this sunshine!!!), but I could not have been happier lately. Summer is slowly showing its face, and a mixture of nostalgia and excitement is coming with it. 

This school year is winding down. As I am getting ready to transfer and move on from this college, I cannot help but reflect on the last two years that I have spent here and all of the things that I have learned. I'm so grateful. It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't trade these last two years. 

Lately I have realized how much I'm going to miss my track friends. 
They have all become so dear to me - 
there is nothing like grueling workouts to bring people together! 

Lately I have realized how much God's hand 
has been on my relationships here.
Yesterday I had a Bible study over coffee with a dear friend. I left feeling so blessed - so blessed that God has set up that relationship for both of our benefit. I didn't always have friends I could relate to in that way here (though I have had wonderful friends with different beliefs and ideas),
 and I'm so grateful that I do now. 

Lately I have had spring fever.... 
I've been feeling rather lazy. I don't want to do homework - or anything productive really. I just want to go to track practice. And enjoy the weather. Case in point: I went through a box of cereal in two days. Purely because I didn't want to cook anything. 

Lately I have been questioning my plans for next year... 
but you always question big decisions. 

Lately I have been anxious/nervous/excited for track championships!!!!
NWAACCS is less than a week away.
I have a busy schedule - I'll be racing the 10k, the 1500m, 
and the 5k in a period of two days. 
I'm really hoping for a gold medal, but I'm going to enjoy the races. 
Love to race. Love to win. Love to run :) 

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