Sunday, August 18, 2013

And it Begins

Tomorrow is the first official day of practice with my new xc team. Well, it's the first day of xc camp anyway, and I'm assuming we will be doing some form of running tomorrow. Thus, it's the first official day of my Junior season of collegiate cross country. Where does time go? 

Summer is over, just like that. And I have spent the whole last week trying to get emotionally prepared for all of the change that is about to take place. 

I'm excited, yes. There is no doubt about that.
 I have started to find myself thinking about racing all the time. 

But I'm also nervous. 

I have spent the last two weeks doing some major cross training. I always deal with achilles issues (I have talked about it in the past), and for some reason these issues had to flair up again right before the start of my season. At least it wasn't in the middle. Or before Conference or something. 

But due to this nagging issue, I have logged a total of 19 miles in the last two weeks. If I were on schedule, I would have gotten in anywhere from 100-120. So that's unfortunate. 

Luckily, I'm an excellent cross trainer. I know how to get my heart rate up, and between the mile long swims and the intense biking sessions, I think I have stayed in pretty good shape. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to jump right in with my team tomorrow for the longer runs. I know I have to be careful starting back up again, but I'm feeling confident that I'm better. 

And I'm feeling confident about how this season is going to play out. I have never been stronger mentally or physically than I am right now, and I am fully trusting God with every result. I'm looking forward to making new friends. To long bus rides and muddy races. And it begins tomorrow. 

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