Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming Back to America

Since everyone kept warning me that I was in for culture shock, I figured that my transition to home would be a lot more difficult. And I guess I did get culture shock, to an extent. It was more that it was so easy to switch modes. I was home, and that was it. I fit right back into my old pattern of life. I got a job, hung out with my old friends, and moved right along. When I had been back for just a week, it felt like I had been home for months... France was so far away. Now, having been back for four months, I feel like it was just a dream even. I can barely believe it even happened. 

But it did happen, and it has affected me in ways I probably will never even realize. I was so excited to come home... so excited to stop speaking French. But lately I have found myself missing it. Especially because my school does not offer French (I had to test out of it to get my foreign language credit) I feel like speaking it all the time.... which is a big deal for me! 

The summer flew by, and now I am at school, running cross country, like I always wanted to do. Its amazing to me how faithful God is. I was so hesitant about going to Paris... I felt like I was having to give up running and so many other dreams. But God gave me my dreams back because I trusted him and followed him. Its crazy to think how everything has worked out so perfectly, so intricately. Every detail. 

Its a little more difficult getting used to college life than I expected though, to be honest. After having to be so grown up last year... having to figure out a different language and culture and city by myself and work there... its weird going back to the state of a college freshman. I love it though. I love being constantly surrounded by people (because my job in Paris was somewhat of a lonely one). There is always an opportunity to meet someone new, and always someone to talk to. I am only into my second week of school now, and I'm sure its going to be a good year. And I know I'm supposed to be here, so I'm just trusting God about everything. And I'm excited to see where my life will go from here... but I need to live in the moment. After all, that is what its all about. Embracing life and living in the moment, in the present with God. 

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