Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello May,

So many things have happened this last month, that as much as I would like to, there is no way I could cover them all here. Most of the month was taken up by traveling… which I loved so much that I could honestly drop everything right now and take off backpacking across Europe alone in a heartbeat. 

Temple Bar
My trip to Ireland with my friend Ariana was my first time staying in a hostel and experiencing that type of travel, and it is honestly the coolest thing. I met hundreds of people just traveling around Europe from hostel to hostel… some with a friend, some alone. But no matter what, you never end up alone, because everyone is so friendly! We did so many things in Ireland, and the whole time it was never just the two of us. We stayed mostly in Dublin taking in the amazing atmosphere of the city and listening to live music every night or catching some Irish dancing (river dance anyone??), but we did take one day to go on a tour of the rest of Ireland… it took us through Galway city which is on the opposite side of the country and up to the Cliffs of Moher, which are AMAZING. 
Cliffs of Moher

I was sad to leave Ireland. We both thought that the locals we met there were by far the nicest people we have met in a long time, but that is probably because we are living in Paris ;).  Actually having someone be nice to you when you ask for directions is a little more rare here… ha. But you still can’t help but love it :)

I also got to go up to Normandie in the North of France. This was really great because, though Paris is gorgeous and a wonderful place to live, I really had wanted to experience some other parts of France (the real France I suppose). And that was seriously like a dream. Every house looked like the French coasters that we used to have in my house when I was a little girl… basically like a fairytale. The beaches of Normandie are to die for, with all of the Parisians escaping there for weekends and holidays. I also got to visit the American Cemetery there and see all of the graves… over 10,000 of them, spread out, representing the connection that our countries really do have.

The rest of the time I have been working at the church and enjoying the amazing weather that has hit Paris. Its really uncommon for this time of year. We have been hanging out in all of the gorgeous parks a lot. Last Monday, we actually went to the lake and laid out at the beach in 75 degree weather! Summer is almost here! Actually, some of my friends are already starting to leave because their university classes have already finished, and it makes this year really feel like its coming to and end. Its so crazy how fast April went. But I have been looking forward to May, and I am really glad to say hello to it today :)

And in exactly one month from today, I’ll be on a plane back to the states! It's so bittersweet. I’m just going to try to make every day here count. Soak in all of this beauty. Next week I’m planning on going with a friend to Monet’s gardens where he painted all of his pictures, so I’m excited for that!

Picnicking at Invalides

I can’t wait to see you all so soon!
Thank you all so much for your supports and prayers! I appreciate them more than I could say :)
Bisous xx

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