Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Four Months…

I don’t really know what to think about the fact that I have been here for four months. In one sense, it seems like I should have been here for way longer than that. It feels like I have been here for ages…. so much has changed. On the other hand, I can remember thinking that January was so far away. I remember arriving here and everything being new and thinking that in a few months I would be settled in and used to everything. And that few months just blew by. 
The last month has definitely been the most fun one here so far. First, my sister got to come for two weeks to see me! And it was so great to see her. I got to show her around Paris, and I knew where everything was. I knew my way around this city! And that felt so good. I was showing her my home, which is Paris! :) Unfortunately it was really cold when she was here, so I’m not sure she like that very much. But we had a lot of fun. She got to experience all of the creepers on the metro and we almost got our stuff stolen by these professionaI theives that are all like, 13 year old girls. They have no ID, but in france if you are under 14 you can’t be prosecuted, so if they get caught they are only held for a couple hours and then released. They all say they have the same name and all say they are 13, even if they aren’t. They even did an interview on the news after they had been released from prison laughing about the whole thing… just interesting. Anyway, we didn’t get our stuff stolen luckily, because we were paying attention. But it was an experience.
And I finally went to the top of the eiffel tower (I was saving that for her). And of course I took her to Galleries Lafayette and the Champs Elysee. The best part about Christmas was London, though. We went there for one week to stay with the same family I stayed with last time (old family friends). And London around Christmas time is just unbelievably cool. The atmosphere is just so amazing there, and I am in love with it there. I could hang out at Oxford Circus all day, every day. 
I was really sad to see her leave, and for a couple days it brought back a wave of homesickness to be honest. But then it was New Years, and a night out with some friends in Paris cured that fast. 
The french are so funny. They were barely excited for Christmas, but they go wild for New Years! They don’t usually send Christmas cards, but they send New Years cards here I guess? Weird. Walking down the Champs Elysee at 1 a.m. New Year’s Day was crazy. The whole street was shut down so people could walk on it. It was lighted up and gorgeous (if you didn’t look at the lines of champagne bottles everywhere and the piles of fast food trash). And everyone was yelling “Bonne Annee” and trying to kiss you. But it was seriously so much fun. We met a lot of people that night… The funniest was this one Italian guy who followed us around for an hour telling us he loved us. But he didn’t know any english or french… so the conversation wasn’t that fantastic :) I didn’t end up getting back until late morning New Years day. The metro was free all night, so even though the metros were crammed with people, it was great!  
Then, the last couple of weeks I have just been working (doing whatever a personal assistant does…) ha. People always ask me “what do you do during the week?” And it honestly changes all the time. Sometimes I do research papers, sometimes I work at home, or in the church offices, or I do errands. But I never really know how to describe my job. I’m just helping out I guess :)
I have a really good feeling about this next year. I know the remaining months here are going to be amazing, and I am curious to see what will happen. God has already done so much in me since I have been over here, and I’m ready to see what else he is going to do! He is so faithful to always be there for me if I’m ever having a hard time! There have been so many times when I was feeling sad or having a hard day, and something happened right after to cheer me up. And looking back on those days, I can see God there just trying to make me happy. Which is so cool. Sometimes growing experiences are a little painful, but God wants us to be happy :) So he helps us out. 
I’m really excited for this week too… I’m going to hillsong Paris (finally) on Friday night to a young adults service. And then Saturday is my birthday. And I’m turning 19, in Paris. A year ago on my birthday I didnt know I would be here for my 19th. But its pretty exciting. 
I miss everyone and I’m sorry for the really long blog :) If I keep them coming more often I won’t have to write as much, but blogging is so hard. 

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