Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There is now a giant Christmas tree in front of the Notre Dame, and it just makes me love it there even more. Now that it has gotten cold, I have started just “stopping in” to the Notre Dame to get warm. I just sit there and look up at the amazing architecture and stained glass and listen to people from all over the world talk about how beautiful it is in different languages. I like just sitting there quietly and taking it all in. Its beautiful to me… This incredible building that was created to represent the splendor of God… no matter what one believes, the builders’ attempt to glorify God in the best way they knew how is breathtaking. 
Today was my day off, and after I stopped by the Notre Dame, I decided to go see Luxembourg Garden. I hadn’t been there yet, and though its probably best in the spring or the summer, I was blown away by how gorgeous it was in the snow. And I was so cold, but it was worth it. It kind of reminded me of that song “Winter Wonderland” in a way. 
After, I just walked and shopped for ahwile, but this is not exactly the most fun activity when it is below freezing. And I was kind of sick of being alone (everyone I could think of had school or work today so I just went in by myself). I don’t really love being by myself… I honestly never had. Sometimes its fun, being alone and exploring Paris, but since I have been meeting people I have been dragging them into the city with me so I can have a partner to take it all in with.
Anyway, I was walking and trying to figure out what to do next, when I bumped into my friend Guiome (I’m not exactly sure how to spell it), which was really surprising because it is a huge city and there are people everywhere. But we ended up getting Starbucks and having just about the funniest coversation ever, because we had to try really hard to understand each other. I know a lot of french now, but people have a hard time understanding my accent sometimes. So i speak broken french and then they speak broken english, and anyone listening to the conversation must think we are ridiculous! haha. But a lot of things get lost in translation I think! 
Only thirteen more days until my sister gets here and only nineteen more days until London. I can’t wait :) 

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